Monday, June 18, 2012

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trying to catch up on the last year

I am such a horrible blogger! I love to read other people's blogs and I love to post pictures on Facebook but I seriously don't have time to keep all these social media sites up to date! I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (I LOVE PINTEREST) and Blogger. Not to mention my emails! So I'm just going to randomly post some pictures so this site has some more up to date photos! I'll try to post more often but don't count on it.  

 Blake at Christmas 2011 on his new quad! 
 Blake"s owl cupcakes for his 1st Birthday March 11, 2012

 My pride and joy - my grandkids! 
 Chloe and her daddy, Kyle
 Paige in her Cinderella costume Oct 2011
 Mel and I at my 30th Class Reunion Aug 2011
 Madilyn Jane Sample
 Blake Joseph Sample
 Paige and Blake
 Joey and Hanna with Paige and Blake
 Bret and Brooke Halloween 2011
 Chloe Cheerleading
Chad with Maddy

Monday, October 10, 2011 has been FOREVER since I updated this! How embarrassing! So much has happened...I don't know where I even left off or where to begin! Basically lots of good things have a new grandson Blake Joseph was born this year (March 11) to Joey and Hanna. He is absolutely adorable! Paige, their daughter will turn 4 in November.She started pre-school this year at Woodside, the same preschool Joey went to! Kyles daughter, Chloe turned 9 last April. She is in the 4th grade and is doing cheerleading this year. Chad and his girlfriend had a baby in September, Madilyn Jane. She is precious! Bret is attending College of the Redwoods. That is just a brief update....will try to post pictures soon and update this BLOG!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

THE SAMPLE Mel Sr's Birthday dinner at Babettas. We were all very grateful to be together as a family. Last December Mels dad had a heart attack and gave us all a huge scare and now here we all are celebrating his birthday! We all feel very fortunate to have each other and we all know how very special family is!♥

The Bowling Family

After our morning Easter brunch we went to my brother and sister-in-laws house later that afternoon. Tosha and CJ had a wonderful dinner with ham and all the fixins. It was delicious! We had a egg hunt for Chloe, Jesse and Paige. They had so much fun! Then we had an egg derby race...very fun! Loved having all the family together...still missed mom not being there but we all felt her spirit there with us. The food that was made, was food my mom would fix and the decorations all around reminded me of how much she would decorate. My brother CJ takes after my mom in that way...he loves to decorate the house for holidays...just like mom. I'm glad she was such a great example to all of us♥

The egg derby race.

Our Easter morning started off with a fabulous brunch at our son and daughter-in-law's house. Hanna made a awesome breakfast and then we hunted for eggs. Paige had her own egg hunt and then the big kids (us adults) had our own egg hunt. (I think I won!)

Our granddaughter, Chloe, had her 7th Birthday party at Flips for Kids and she had a Hannah Montana theme. She had a great time and lots of friends and family came. I made her a Hannah Montana guitar cake and it was so much fun